Competence Center for Crime Prevention (Kfk)

Briefly about the Competence Center in English

The Crime Prevention Center (KfK) was established on November 1st  2015. The Center is subject to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, but also reports to a working group consisting of representatives from other Ministries: Ministry of Health and Care Services, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, Ministry of Education and Research and Ministry of Culture. The involvement of many ministries reflects that the center will have a broad and comprehensive approach to crime prevention.

The center has five employees and is located in Møllergata 16 in Oslo. The center is an independent professional body, but is located administratively under the National Mediation Service (NMS), Central Adminstration.

Many of the tasks of the former National Crime Prevention Council (KRÅD) has been transferred to the Competence Center.


  • Assist crime preventive work through counseling, with an emphasis on the local level.
  • Be a particular promoter of human resource development in the first line of relevant sectors and help stimulate professional development locally.
  • Maintain, develop and spread good practice to employees of police, child welfare, kindergartens, schools and other relevant services.
  • Encourage local crime prevention in the municipalities through SLT (coordination of local anti-drugs and crime preventive measures).
  • Spread knowledge and expertise through conferences, professional networking and mentoring.
  • Arrange an annual national conference for crime prevention.
  • Spread knowledge and expertise through a dedicated website for crime prevention, as well as create and maintain contact and dialogue with other agencies who manage sites covering the prevention field.
  • Receive assignments from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security for input from the Ministry Committee for Crime Prevention.
  • Provide professional input to the Ministry Committee for Crime Prevention.
  • Identify the need for New knowledge and research within the crime prevention field.

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